What is Life Coaching?

Think of a Life Coach as a personal sounding board; an objective, non-judgemental person you can discuss your hopes, dreams and fears with, but only with the aim of reaching a positive outcome. Not to be mistaken with sports coaching, a life coach is not there to instruct or offer advice, but rather to motivate you and encourage you to explore all avenues and leave no stone unturned.

Georgina coaches face-to-face, over the phone, and even via email, depending on your preference. Once you have defined your goal, a fool-proof strategy will be discussed, with ready solutions to any possible obstacles. Although a great deal can be achieved in one or two sessions, it is advisable to continue the coaching process whilst working towards success. You will find that your mindset will shift to a more positive and beneficial direction, so that success is not just in the chosen area of your life, but has become part of your very being. Georgina's aim is to transfer skills and techniques over to you so that she becomes redundant at the end of a series of sessions, and so that you can continue your success throughout your lifetime.

Please note that life coaching is future-focussed, and Georgina is not a therapist or counsellor and will always suggest an alternative professional if appropriate.